Best 12v Batteries for Solar Gate Opener | Reviews + Guide

If you are looking for the Best 12v Battery for Solar Gate Opener, but don’t know where to start your search, we can help. This article will cover 12V batteries found to be viable for solar gate openers.

There are many options available in the market when it comes to selecting a suitable battery but not all batteries work well with Solar Gate Openers.

We will review some of the best products that have worked perfectly fine with our solar gate openers and you can choose from them after reading our article here.

You should always choose a good quality brand product over other cheap low-quality products because they might cause problems in the future which could cost more than what you saved initially by purchasing it at the lower price point.

So, we are going to list down the top best 12v batteries for solar gate openers so that you don’t have to waste your time researching about these things on the internet again and again before making a purchase decision regarding which one suits your needs better!

Comparison of Best 12v Batteries for Solar Gate Opener:

Best 12V Batteries Item Weight More Info.
Mighty Mule Battery  5.25 pounds Check Price
Weize Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery ‎10.56 pounds Check Price
Power Wheels 12-Volt Battey 9.61 pounds Check Price
Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 63.9 Pounds Check Price
ACDelco Gold B24R 31.5 Pounds Check Price
ML9-12 Mighty Max Battery 5.32 pounds Check Price

List Of Best 12v Batteries for Solar Gate Opener

We have done the research and testing so that you don’t have to! In this article, we will review the top products on the market right now, as well as give some helpful tips about choosing a good product.

Our goal is not only to help you find the perfect item but also to save your time in doing so. If you’re looking for an easy way out of hours of researching then keep reading!

Our Top Picks for Best 12v Battery for Solar Gate Opener:

1. Mighty Mule Battery

The Mighty Mule gate opener battery is one of the best batteries in our top picks. It’s an affordable, well-built product that has performed very well for years. The great thing about this product is it comes with a 1-year warranty and ships quickly (most of the time within 3 days).

We have tested the Mighty Mule on medium-size solar gates, not too big or small. It has worked great and you guys loved it as well!

This powerful 12v battery is a great option to choose if you are looking for something that’s both affordable and works really well.

The batteries are maintenance-free which means you don’t have to worry about any kind of internal damage while using them.

These batteries are built tough and are very sturdy in structure meaning that even if they fall from 30 feet, there will be no internal damage.

If you are using automatic gate openers, we highly recommend the Mighty Mule MX1250 which is a more powerful and advanced version of this product without any extra price tag!

  • Affordable Maintenance-free Best for automatic gate opener Ships quickly (3 days max) 1 Year Warranty
  • Not for use in very cold weather conditions


2. Weize Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery

We all know that Weize is a very good and well-known brand when it comes to solar gate openers and accessories.

This battery is made up of absorbed glass mat AGM which increases its resistance, making it last longer and more durable.

The battery has an excellent resistance to leak which means you don’t have to worry about the solar panel or anywhere near it getting damaged due to leakage of water or any other liquid.

After testing, we found that this powerful 12v battery is capable of withstanding extreme hot weather conditions without damaging the internal parts of the battery.

We found that the terminals are well-sealed and come with F3-type terminals. This 12v battery should last you for years to come without any problems or damage!

This battery is a very affordable option and works great for all kinds of solar gate openers! It’s not only affordable but also has more features than batteries which are priced 2-3 times higher.

If you are planning on upgrading your current solar gate system with a powerful 12v battery which should last long, then we highly recommend getting this Weize rechargeable battery.

  • Excellent resistance to leak Maintenance-free Easy installation Anti-overheated cover F3 Terminal
  • A bit bulky


3. Power Wheels 12-Volt Battery

This solar battery is another powerful and excellent option. It comes with a very easy-to-install design and the installation process should take you no more than 15 minutes if everything goes as planned.

These batteries are designed by professionals and they come with an internal self-resetting fuse that protects them from damage or premature failure, something that’s quite common in most batteries.

We tested this product and found that this 12v solar battery works great at all times and they are very fast when charging up your gate opener system in both hot and cold weather conditions!

We also liked the fact that the batteries come with Lithium-ion technology which is known to be one of the best in terms of performance and durability.

We believe that if you are looking for a well-built solar battery that should last long, be powerful and come with the latest technology, then this 12v solar battery is your best option.

  • Maintenance-free Easy installation Lithium-ion technology Prevents premature battery failure 6-month warranty Comes with an instruction booklet.
  • A bit pricey but the quality it delivers is really good!


4. Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Renogy AGM Deep Cycle battery is a sealed lead-acid battery with pure electrolyte, having the advantages of high discharge rate, deep discharge recovery, and long cycle service life.

It’s applicable for solar energy storage systems, wind power generation systems, RV, boat, and other off-grid power supply systems.

We used this product and it comes with AGM deep cycle battery that can be used in both on-grid and off-grid systems which makes it perfect even for those who are not ready to make a full switch to solar energy.

The feature we most love is that it comes with a one-year warranty, which guarantees the high quality and performance of this product.

With its 100AH rating, you can run any household appliance for about 6 hours (depending on the wattage of your appliances).

This battery also provides high discharge power (up to 80amps) making it a perfect household battery.

The battery is fully sealed, so you can install it anywhere and fully encapsulate the battery without adding any maintenance costs. It comes with a steel enclosure with a removable lid for easier installation.

  • Maintenance free Grid independent High discharge rate excellent recovery performance 1 Year full replacement warranty
  • Bit Costly


5. ACDelco Gold B24R 

The ACDelco Gold B24R is suitable for any solar gate opener. The installation can be done easily, and it is well-designed to fit the outdoor environment.

It doesn’t require much maintenance so you don’t have to check on it often. It has a very unique design which makes it look more durable than other products in the market.

It has an AGM battery that is spill-resistant and leak-proof, making it ideal for outdoor use. You can place them above or below ground level.

We tested this battery and it is a perfect match for most solar gate openers and we also love that it comes with a warranty of 24 months.

We used this battery and we found that this battery using an electrolyte that offers a slow discharge rate makes it the ideal product to use for solar gate openers.

We also love the fact that this battery is a standard size so it can be easily replaced with any batteries you find, but most importantly it requires little to no maintenance which makes the best choice for you.

  • Low battery discharge rate Long shelf life No maintenance required High cycle life Leak Proof Battery
  • Not pre-charged


6. ML9-12 Mighty Max Battery

The Mighty Max battery from NorthStar is a 12V 9Ah sealed lead acid battery with AGM technology.

It is a very durable and strong battery that you can rely on to carry out its roles no matter the weather conditions.

We tested this battery at high temperatures and found that it really is the best choice for solar gate openers even though it doesn’t come with a warranty, but considering how durable this battery is, we’re sure you will be able to use it for quite a long time.

This is a perfect battery for solar applications and is sealed maintenance-free, even in the harsh outdoor environment this battery has no leaks at all making it perfectly safe to use in your solar gate opener.

When we are testing this product we figure out that it is made up of high-quality material which is why it is capable of resisting shock and vibration.

If you are looking for the best solar gate opener battery, this product is our recommendation.

  • High build quality Long shelf Life Shock & Vibration resistant Perfect for outdoor use No Maintenance required
  • No warranty included in the package

How to Choose The Best 12v Battery for Solar Gate Opener?

When considering which type of household batteries to use in your solar gate opener you must choose the right kind of battery to avoid any inconveniences while operating your gate so you must be very careful in deciding which battery model to buy.

You should consider all battery models and choose the model which is compatible with your solar gate then you can expect that it will deliver the best results.

When you are shopping for a 12V battery, there are a few factors that you will need to keep in mind to get the most suitable battery.

1. AGM Design

The first thing you want to look at is whether your chosen battery has an AGM design or not. This refers to the glass mat design which is highly preferred because it has a high discharge and offers high stability.

2. Low Self-discharge Rate

The next thing to look out for in a 12V battery is whether it can hold up its charges or not.

The best kind of solar gate opener battery has a low self-discharge rate so that you can use the battery for a longer duration which in this case is about 6-12 months.

3. Deep Cycle Battery

We recommend using a deep cycle battery which is specially designed for solar and other renewable energy applications.

This kind of battery can handle deep discharges without impacting the battery life while internal resistance remains low even after hundreds of cycles.

4. No Maintenance Required

You must make sure that the battery for your solar gate opener is maintenance-free to avoid inconveniences while operating your gate because you will not be able to replace it once it becomes defective so you need a battery that is low maintenance.

5. Safe & Long Lasting

The most important thing you should look at when choosing the perfect battery type for your solar gate opener is safety.

You don’t want to get a battery that might start leaking, swell up or catch fire because that will be very dangerous.

All in all, when choosing a battery for your solar gate opener keep these factors in mind and choose a product that has an AGM design, low self-discharge rate, deep cycle features, and finally one that requires no maintenance at all.

Once you have chosen your perfect 12V solar gate opener battery from the list above, you can start installing it in your gate opener system to get back to using your gate again.


We’ve looked at some of the top 12V gate opener batteries available on the market and compared them according to their charging time, battery capacity, cycle life, and many other factors.

We also showed you how to choose the best solar gate opener for your home by following our simple guide.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose one of the best products for your gate opener system by looking at our list above.

If we have to choose one from the above, we would definitely go with Mighty Mule Battery. It is a top-quality product with very good reviews. Furthermore, it has the best average rating amongst all products on this list.

If you have any questions about our article or the products, feel free to post a comment in the section below.


For a gate opener, what kind of battery do I need?

You will need a 12V battery that has at least 40 amp-hours. If you are using your gate opener daily, then we recommend getting a more powerful battery with at least 80 amps per hour.

What is a deadman switch?

A deadman switch is an emergency power off system that you might want to install with your solar gate opener to ensure that there are no accidents or injuries that might occur due to defective batteries and low battery voltage.

How often should I replace the battery in my solar gate opener?

You may need to replace it every 1-2 years if you use your gate every day. If you only open it once a week, then you may need to change the solar gate opener battery after 4-5 years.

What is the lifespan of a deep cycle battery?

A deep cycle battery can last up to 3 months but that depends on how often you use it and if you installed a deadman switch or not.

What kind of battery do I need for an electric fence?

An electric fence needs a 12V battery that has at least 65 amps per hour to sustain its power supply for 24 hours.

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