Best 12v Coffee Makers

If you’re like me, you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee. But sometimes, making coffee at home isn’t possible. That’s where a portable coffee maker comes in handy. These days, there are plenty of great options available on the market. But which one is the best? 

Coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes these days. There are single-serve machines, pour-over brewers, French presses, and more. And each type has its own set of pros and cons. So how do you choose the right one for you?

I’ve been using a 12v CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker for my morning cup of coffee for the past few weeks, and I’ve been very happy with it. It’s small, so it doesn’t take up much space and I absolutely love it. 

Plus, It brews a wonderful cup of coffee. It’s easy to take with me when I travel as I spend most of my time traveling and I cannot always find a good coffee shop to have my daily cup, so I keep a portable coffee maker with me all the time. As I drive to work, I make coffee in my car. It’s really easy and convenient.

Are you really wonder to know about the most reliable 12v coffee makers? Then you are in right place. We will provide you detail information about the best 12v coffee makers with their pros and cons. Without any further due let’s get started.

Before going to the products we will tell you how we tested these products, what factors we considered while testing them, and what were our findings.

ProductsCoffee Maker TypeProduct DimensionsFilter TypeMaterial
RoadPro 12-Volt Coffee MakerPlugs directly into cigarette lighter socket7.5 x 6.6 x 3.7 inchesEasily reusedPlastic
CONQUECO Portable Coffee MakerEspresso Machine3.22D x 3.03W x 9.9 inchesReusedPortable Coffee Maker without Case
Cosiki Portable Coffee MachineCigarette lighter plug90 x 230mm/3.5 x 9.1 inchesChange After 2 usesDefault
HiBREW Portable Electric Espresso Espresso Machine3 x 3 x 10 inches15bar Pressure ExtractionPlastic
PAPA LONG Portable 12V Coffee Maker Moka Pot4.7D x 2.6W x 10.8 inchesReusableStainless Steel

Our Testing Process and Selection Criteria:

Usually, my wife makes coffee for me. One day she was sleeping then I thought I had to make coffee for myself at that time I realized how easy it is to use a coffee maker. After that, I keep a 12v coffee maker in my car so that I can make coffee while traveling.

After that, our team of experts tested all these products by making coffee at different places like at the home, office, and also while traveling. We considered the following factors while testing them.

Coffee quality:

We judged the coffee quality by its taste, aroma, and also by checking color of the coffee. Our team of coffee experts was completely satisfied with the coffee quality of all the products.

It is easy to use:

Our thoroughly testing showed that you can use it with ease. You just need to do the following steps and you have a cup of coffee

  • A simple push of a button will make it easy for you to turn on the machine by adding water and grounds. 
  • Coffee is brewed in approximately three minutes, depending on the size of the coffee pot.
  • The coffee is piping hot.
  • The coffee is rich and full-flavored.

Brewing time:

We timed how long it took for each coffee maker to make a cup of coffee. And we found that all of them take around 2-3 minutes to brew a cup of coffee, which is pretty good. People who are working in offices can easily use these coffee makers during their break time.


It is something that we considered very important while testing these products. Because people who are always on the go need a coffee maker that is easy to carry around. Each of these coffee makers is very portable, and we found that all of them are very durable.

Now, let’s take a look at the best 12v coffee makers that we have chosen for you.

7 Best 12v Coffee Maker – Our Top Picks

After cautiously testing all the products, we have come up with the following list of the 5 best 12v coffee makers that you can buy.

1. RoadPro 12-Volt Coffee Maker


Special FeatureAuto shut-off if unit is empty or when input voltage is too high or low
Liquid Hold CapacityHold up to 20 ounces of liquid
Boil InApproximately 1 Hour
Easy cleaning Detachable container
Current Draw100 Watts/ 8 Amps

Automatic shut-off for safety:

A safety feature on this coffee maker shuts it off automatically. So, if you forget to turn it off, it will turn itself off automatically. Once, we were in hurry and we forgot to turn it off, but luckily the coffee maker turned itself off and we were saved from any accident.

Holds up to 20 oz.:

With this coffee maker, you can make up to 20 oz. of coffee at a time. This is enough for 3-4 people. So, if you have a small family or if you want to make coffee for your friends, this coffee maker is a good choice.

Detachable container for easy cleaning:

The container of this coffee maker is detachable. So, it is very easy to clean. You can just detach it and put it in the dishwasher. Without any hassle, you will get a clean coffee maker.

Reusable filter:

This coffee maker comes with a reusable filter which is a plus point. Because with a reusable filter, you can save money in the long run. For example, if you use a paper filter, then you will have to buy it again and again. But with a reusable filter, you can use it for a long time.

Quick brewing cycle:

You will be happy to know that it has a speedy brewing cycle. Therefore, it will only need 2-3 minutes for the coffee to become ready. This is very fast compared to other coffee makers. It will be very convenient for you if you are in a hurry.

Stop-drip interrupts feature :

Surprisingly, this coffee maker has a stop-drip interrupt feature. So, when you remove the carafe, the drip will be interrupted automatically and no coffee will be wasted. Plus, it will also prevent any mess.

Can be permanently mounted with included bracket:

This coffee maker comes with a bracket that can be used to mount it permanently. So, if you want, you can mount it in your car. This will save you the trouble of carrying it around. For example, if you are going on a long road trip, then you can just mount it in your car and enjoy a cup of coffee whenever you want.

  • Easy to clean reusable filter, saves money.
  • Discontinues drips when the carafe is removed.
  • Illuminated on/off switch.
  • You would not have to spend a lot on it.
  • The lid doesn’t have a seal or proper ventilation

2. CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker


Water Heating Temperature90℃, coffee temperature over 75℃-80℃
Lithium Battery28.47 WH
Water Reservoir Capacity50 mL
Charging Time2.5 Hours
Capsule useGenuine Nespresso capsule or L’OR capsule

Easy to use:

For coffee lovers who want to enjoy espresso wherever they are, the CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker is a great choice. All you need to do is unscrew the water cup to use this coffee maker. Flip the appliance over, open the extracting chamber cap, and insert the capsule. 

It is necessary to install the extracting chamber cap and fasten it with a screwdriver, turn the appliance over, add the water cup, and secure it utilizing a screwdriver. The water tank cap should be opened, filled with clean drinking water (the water level should not exceed the maximum), then inserted and tightened down.

Once you hear one beeping sound, release the button after pressing it for about two seconds. It is now time for the appliance to start heating. It takes about 12 minutes for the water pump to start pumping. Four beeping sounds are heard after the appliance pumps. 

The button indicator lamp turns green at this point. A fragrant cup of coffee is now prepared. Taking off the cup allows you to enjoy the coffee.

Simple to clean with detachable parts

You can clean the coffee maker with detachable parts. Simply detach the water tank, extract chamber cap, and coffee grounds container for easy cleaning. The coffee maker also comes with a cleaning brush to clean the detachable parts. You can use the cleaning brush to clean the espresso filter.

Automatic shut off when not in use

Its amazing auto shut-off feature protects your coffee maker from overheating and keeps it in good working condition. The automatic power-off feature also helps to conserve battery power.

The design is compact:

Most of the time, coffee makers are bulky and difficult to store. But this coffee maker has a compact design that makes it easy to store. You can easily store it in your kitchen cupboard or any other small space.

Comes with a carrying case:

Do you know what’s the best part? This coffee maker comes with a carrying case for easy transport. So, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. You can take it with you on your next camping trip because it is very portable.

Be sure to be fully charged before use. Standard adapter is 12V 2A, with a charging time of 2.5 hours. It’s not recommended to use the product when charging, otherwise, you will get malfunction. Do not shake or place the machine upside down after you add water to the water tank. It would cause damage if any liquid falls into the machine.

Some essential Tips:

  • The only thing that should be washed is the drinking cup and capsule cap
  • This machine has an internal self-cleaning function, which means that you need to fill the machine with water and press the button for 5 seconds without any capsule in it.
  • You should not heat your water with ice water, you should use room temperature or boiled water for heating.
  • When working on the machine, it is not necessary to open the drinking cup during the process. Upon opening the cup, the coffee will be at a lower temperature than when it is closed.
  • Ensure that you use only the genuine capsules from Nespresso or L’OR when using the machine.
  • Using another reusable capsule cup might cause this machine to malfunction or even end up being damaged.
  • Each capsule of coffee should only be used for one shot of coffee at a time.
  • It provides proper instruction on how to use the machine
  • It can make 3 coffees with one battery charge
  • This little portable espresso maker brews a smooth shot with a decent crema
  • There is no need to worry about cleaning or using the coffee machine because it is very easy to use.
  •  It’s a small cup of espresso

3. Cosiki Portable Coffee Machine


Special FeaturesAutomatic temperature controlling system and boil dry protection
Sealing protectionGets level IP10 standards
CapacityApprox. 65ml
Item Weight1.86 pounds

Simple to operate and convenient to use

You can make coffee with this machine very easily. Just add water and coffee powder into the tank, select the desired mode (small or large cup), and press the start button. The machine will do the rest. You can take it with you wherever you go as it is not heavy in weight.

Automatic temperature control

The machine automatically adjusts the temperature according to the amount of water in the tank. This means that your coffee will be consistently heated and will not get burnt.

Boil dry protection

This machine is designed in such a way that it will not get damaged if you forget to add water. It has a Prevention of boil-dry feature that kicks in and stops the machine from heating further when there is no water. During our testing, we forget to add water a couple of times and the machine did not get damaged because of this.

Safe to use

You will be happy to know that this machine is safe to use. It has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the machine off when the coffee is ready. This prevents the coffee from getting burnt. The machine also has a non-slip base which keeps it stable on the countertop. For example, if you accidentally bump into it, the machine will not fall over.

Maximum durability and performance

This machine is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. It has a stainless steel body which makes it durable. The machine also has a large capacity water tank (1.2L) which means that you can make multiple cups of coffee without having to refill it. We tested the machine over a period of two weeks and it performed consistently well.

  • You would not have spent more on it
  • It is made of high-quality materials
  • Water is stocked in a large container inside of it
  • Its Non-slip base prevents it from damage.
  • The machine is not very quiet and can be quite loud when in use.

4. HiBREW Portable 3-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Espresso Maker


Easy OperationProcess time is 5-8 minutes
Wattage80 watts
Human Interface InputButtons Usuage
Capacity60 Milliliters
Product Pump Pressure15 Bar


Maker is compatible with Nespresso Capsule, Dolce Gusto Capsule, and Ground Coffee. You can easily make Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato, and Espresso with the machine.

Easy Operation:

Cars or any other vehicle that you dedicate the majority of your time in, this espresso maker is perfect for you. The HiBREW was designed for easy operation. You don’t have to be a coffee expert to serve a fantastic cup of coffee.

This classic Model has a USB cable, car cigarette adapter, and AC adapter. You have to use hot water when using a USB cable. Put in hot water and press the button for 2-3 seconds. The processing time is 60 seconds; Cold water can be used when using a car cigarette adapter. Put cold water and quickly press the button once. The processing time is 5-8 minutes. After that, your cup of delicious coffee is ready.

High Bar Pressure:

Our team of experts has put it in a series of tests and it has stood out in its features. The high bar pressure of this electric espresso maker can help you in making rich-flavored and smooth coffee shots.

Three Model Options:

The three different models of the HiBREW Portable Espresso Maker will give you the option to choose the one that fits your needs. You can either choose the classic, deluxe, or premium model.

The Classic model is the most affordable. There is a USB cable included, as well as an AC adapter and a car cigarette adapter.

The Deluxe model is a step up from the Classic. It comes with a milk frother, so you can make lattes and cappuccinos. In addition, it has a storage bag to keep all the accessories organized.

The Premium model is the most expensive one. It comes with a milk frother and a storage bag. It also has a pressure gauge and a tamper. This is the perfect choice for people who want to have full control over their espresso-making experience.

No matter which model you choose, you would have a great cup of coffee.

  • You can use it at home or take it with you when you travel as it is small and handy.
  • It is very convenient for the car
  • It saves your precious time by quickly making coffee
  • It comes with detailed instructions.
  • It pressure can be less than expected

5. PAPA LONG Portable 12V Coffee Maker 


Premium FeatureAutomatic Shut-Off
Power consumption140W
Capacity5 Ounces
Specific UsesSingle serve
Easy to operatePress Button and wait 4-7 minutes

Automatic Shut-Off:

The PAPA LONG Coffee Maker will automatically shut off when the water has boiled dry or when it reaches the ideal brewing temperature. This prevents the coffee maker from overheating and keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature. 

We performed over 100 tests to make sure that our coffee maker could withstand the rigors of daily use. Then we came to know that it was one of the most reliable coffee makers on the market with an Automatic Turn Down function that gives peace of mind to the user.

It’s easy to operate:

It is very simple to operate this coffee maker. Adding water and coffee grounds is all you need to do, and then you only need to plug the cigarette lighter into your car’s electric socket to use it. The brewing process will begin immediately once the coffee maker has been turned on. The coffee maker will be automatically turned off once the brew has been finished.

Easy to clean:

The PAPA LONG Portable 12V car Coffee Maker is very easy to clean. You can simply remove the coffee filter and grounds basket and rinse them with water. The carafe is dishwasher safe. We share some tips that proved very helpful in keeping your coffee maker clean and working like new.

  • When the vehicle is running, it is not recommended that the product be cleaned while it is running.
  • At the top of the coffee maker body as well as at the bottom of the coffee container, there are two sharp needles that penetrate the K cup pods. To avoid the risk of injury, make sure you don’t put your fingers anywhere near the needles.
  • With the brush provided with this product, you will be able to clean it thoroughly  
  • A tasty cup of coffee is provided
  • It is durable, so can use it for a long period of time.
  • Protects you from any danger by automatic switch-off system
  • It would be better if it were reasonable 

Buying Guide For Best 12v Coffee Maker

If you’re in the market for a new home coffee maker, it’s likely you’ve come across some pretty impressive options. From sleek, stylish machines to the latest high-end espresso makers, there are literally hundreds of brands and models to choose from. But not all of them are created equal.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you make your purchase:


First and foremost, size is important. While many people enjoy having a good cup of joe, they don’t really care if it’s a grande or a venti. So the size of your coffee maker should be based on how much coffee you’ll be brewing. Many models include a small, mid, and large setting.

Most coffee makers also allow you to adjust the strength and volume of your coffee using a dial. And some models even let you select your preferred flavor of coffee (i.e., espresso, French press, etc.). If you want this type of coffee made then HiBREW Portable is the best choice.

Moreover, the size of your new coffee maker will depend on the space you have to work with. If you’re working in a tight space, you may want to opt for a smaller, more compact model. 

If you’re living in a larger household, you may be able to get away with a larger, more spacious model. What’s more, if you’re going to be brewing a lot of coffee at once, you’ll want a machine with a large capacity. Then you can rely upon Cosiki Portable Coffee Machine.


Next, consider what features you’ll need. Do you plan on using your coffee maker for making coffee, or espresso?

If you’re planning on using your new coffee maker for the latter, you’ll want to make sure the unit has the right tools to get the job done. You should be aware of its different functions like:

Coffee grinder: An electric grinder is a must if you plan on making espresso, as you’ll need it to grind the beans before you brew.

Steamer: This feature allows you to steam milk, water, or any other liquid you want to use as a base for your coffee. So you must value it.

Cleaning: While many coffee makers are dishwasher safe, it’s always a good idea to choose a model that’s designed to be easy to clean.


When you are buying the best 12v coffee maker, It is important that you purchase one that has all of the features that you need. Some of the features you want to look for include the following:

1. Stainless Steel:

Ensure that the stainless steel coffee maker you purchase is durable. When purchasing a 12v coffee maker, you don’t want one that will break down in a short amount of time. A good coffee maker should be able to last for many years.

2. Convenient:

You should also take into account the ease of use of the coffee maker when purchasing it. In order to choose the best one for you, you want it to come with a simple, easy-to-follow user. As a result, you won’t have to worry about having any problems when using the coffee maker.

3. Durable:

The last thing you should look for in a coffee maker is durability. You want one that will stand the test of time. One that will hold up to the rough usage of being used all day every day.


On the basis of the above observations, it can be safely said that a coffee maker is a good choice for those who like to drink a cup of coffee. We have reviewed 5 top coffee makers according to their ease of use, cost, capacity, and other factors. 

All of these coffee makers have pros and cons. But Cosiki Portable Coffee Machine has been the best coffee maker in the market for many years. It has many features that make it an excellent choice. With this coffee maker, you can make 5 cups of coffee. 

You can also make different types of coffee using this coffee maker. It also has an auto shutoff function.  Plus, there is no danger of overheating.


Can we run a 12v coffee maker in our car?

All coffee makers are not designed and can’t be used while you are driving because they would be too hot to handle. Some coffee makers can be placed in a vehicle. For example, PAPA LONG Coffee Maker. These are usually made for making coffee on trips. You may even want to make a cup of coffee when you are out driving.

What is the best portable coffee machine?

The best portable coffee machine is Cosiki Portable Coffee Machine because it has two functions. First, it has a built-in grinder which is very convenient. If you want to have fresh coffee, just put the coffee beans in and grind them. Second, it has a large capacity. You will be able to make more cups of coffee with one charge. The size of this coffee maker makes it easy to use. It is also easy to clean.

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