The Best 12V Fridges For Campervan | Reviews + Guide

Do you have a campervan? If so, then this blog post is for you.

We’re going to take a look at the Best 12v Fridge for Campervan and how to pick one.

If you want your van to be as functional and efficient as possible, having the right fridge can make all the difference. You don’t want it taking up valuable space in your kitchen, bedroom, or dining room.

For those of us who live out of our van, we need to pack with care and make sure we don’t weigh ourselves down too much. We also want to be able to use every space available efficiently.

You are looking for a fridge that is just the right fit for your campervan, small enough to not take up too much space but big enough to hold all of your food.

This blog post will help you find the best fridge size and type of fridge so you can be as happy with it as possible.

We are going to help you find the best 12v fridge for a campervan.

The best 12v fridge for a campervan should be able to fit in the limited space, keep food cold, and run off of power from the van’s battery or solar panels.

A 12V DC mini-refrigerator might be perfect for your needs if it doesn’t take up too much room and runs on electricity from your battery or solar panels.

The benefits of buying a fridge are that it will keep your food cool while you drive around in your van. There’s nothing worse than getting hungry and finding out there’s no food left.

It also makes life easier when cooking because you don’t need to worry about trying to find freezer space or buy ice packs which can get pricey depending on where you live.

Best 12V Fridges For Campervan – Our Top Picks!

If you’re a camper van owner looking for the perfect fridge to suit your lifestyle, this is the article for you.

We go through all of the best 12V fridges for Campervan on the market and give you an idea of what exactly they are capable of.

From small dorm size fridges that can’t hold much more than a few cans to full-sized refrigerators with freezer compartments, we analyze over 2 dozen of refrigerators and recommended a few top 12v fridges for campervan plus, we also included the pros and cons for each and what to look for when buying a fridge for your campervan so that you make sure it’s perfect before purchase.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our recommended list of the Best 12v fridges for campervan.

1. BougeRV Portable Fridge with Compressor

You can enjoy your favorite food and drinks on the go with this unique, portable refrigerator.

With 23 quarts of storage space, it’s perfect for large gatherings.

It has a power adapter to allow you to use it in both 12V or 240V environments as well as an AC 110-240 volt converter so that you can plug it into any outlet without worry about converting voltage levels.

Plus, there are two thermostats – one at 7 degrees Fahrenheit and another at 50 degrees Fahrenheit which are adjustable via digital controls making sure everything stays cool no matter what temperature outside might be!

This fridge also comes equipped with wheels allowing easy transportation from place to place while being able to maintain its cooling capacity even when moving around quickly or off-roading through rough terrain.

With Compressor refrigeration technology, this 12 v car freezer could achieve a 20-minute fast cooling from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 minutes from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to -5 degrees Fahrenheit

This means your food will be fresh even if you’re on the go or in areas with no power outlets nearby!

It’s economical too because it won’t need ice for maintaining optimal temperature like many traditional freezers do which can use up precious resources of water as well as money.

Bouge RV uses compressor refrigeration technology that makes transporting cold food easy whether at home or during outdoor adventures without using any space when a full-size refrigerator is not available such as camping trips where cooking outdoors takes place rather than indoors in an air-conditioned.

The ECO mode on this car fridge is so efficient that it can operate at 45 watts or less.

Even running in MAX mode, the power consumption for its intelligent cycle work falls below 1kwh per day.

This means you can run your RV with a DC 12/24V inverter battery without worrying about draining too much of your vehicle’s fuel tank.

  • Fast Cooling Down to 32℉
  • low Power Consumption
  • Low Noise
  • Light Weight
  • Low Capacity



2. Smad 3 Way Caravan Refrigerator

This refrigerator is perfect for those who spend their weekends RVing, boating, or camping.

It can be used with a 12V battery and 120 VAC plug-in power from an outlet as well; so you’ll never run out of cold drinks or forget to bring your ice cream.

The Smad Fridge features a 2.1 Cu.ft capacity with removable shelves so you can store both food and drinks, as well as an easy to switch 3 power supplies – 110 V/12 V/Propane for use when the RV or Campervan is off-grid which offers gas 5g/h low energy consumption, silent running of 0 dB with advanced absorption cooling system perfect for Caravan, RVs & Motorhome that allows control between 32~50 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range!

Other key features include scratch-resistant worktop surface on rear-mounted unit; Scratch resistance in all areas of the fridge such as door glass coverings & hinges; Piezo ignition heating element (no flame) provides automatic safety feature against children.

This fridge is an environmentally friendly machine. It runs off of a variety of power sources so you can be sure to use renewable energy when available and propane in other cases.

The best part about this appliance though is that its low consumption rate means less electricity will go unused or wasted.

  • Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Scratch Resistant worktop
  • Low energy Consumption
  • Packaging not secure


3. SMETA 3 Way Fridge

SMETA 3-way fridge is the best choice for those looking to save space and money.

This 2.1 Cuft refrigerator works with any 110V or 12 Volt power source, so you can use it in your campervan, RV, motorhome, or anywhere else that has a plug!

It comes in black as well as white (to match different car interiors) which makes this an excellent addition if you are downsizing from one vehicle to another.

SMETA’s 3 Way Fridge will keep all of your food nice and cool no matter where you go thanks to its flexible design: The 1/2 cu ft freezer compartment lets you enjoy frozen treats on hot summer days while also keeping ice cream nice enough for dessert to come winter.

The SMETA 3 Way Fridge is perfect for off-grid living, like RV and motorhome owners.

It can run on 110V power, 12V, or propane/LPG (with converter), so it’s versatile for a variety of purposes.

You’ll never have to worry about your food spoiling again with its 60L capacity–plus that removable shelf space!

Plus the reversible door means you don’t need much room at all in whatever little apartment or house you happen to live out there in the wilderness somewhere.

The fridge works without noise thanks to advanced absorption cooling rather than regular compressor refrigerators; this feature makes it completely silent when running as well.

  • Completely Silent
  • 60 L Capacity
  • Quick Delivery Time
  • Fitting of Vent kit


4. JoyTutus Portable Fridge

A 12-volt fridge is a portable refrigerator that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter for power, allowing you to take the chill with you wherever life takes you.

The JoyTutus Portable Freezer Car Refrigerator (53 Quarts) has an auto and home/RV capability thanks to its 110v ac or 24 VDC compatibility.

It also features enough space inside of it so that even if people forget their lunch on the way out, they can keep themselves well-fed by packing leftovers in this freezer’s cool interior.

JoyTutus is a car refrigerator freezer that aims to keep your vehicle running strong and save you energy in the process.

The compressor will shut off automatically when the input voltage is lower than minimum voltage so the battery won’t be run down, or use ECO mode for saving on power consumption or MAX mode if the speed of cooling matters most.
As many people are on the go, they find themselves in need of a freezer for their car.

JoyTutus has created an innovative portable cooler that can cool food from 77 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in 16 minutes’ time and stay cold up until you turn off your vehicle engine!

With its LED panel touch screen interface it’s easy to use as well.

This 53-quart capacity is perfect for those with larger appetites or who wants more space inside the fridge cooler while enjoying all of this unit’s benefits like being able to work even when driving down steep roads without making any noise at 45dB so others won’t be disturbed by nocturnal refrigerator sounds if using one overnight during sleep hours.

  • Efficient Cooling
  • 50 Litre Capacity
  • Energy Efficient
  • Silent Working
  • Customer Service


5. Techomey Mini Fridge

The Techomey Mini Fridge with Lock is the perfect size for any camper.

This compact refrigerator features quiet absorption technology to provide a more peaceful sleep environment and can be powered by 12V or 110V electric power sources, making it convenient enough to use virtually anywhere.

Measuring just 14″ x 18″, this fridge’s 1-7 Cu Ft capacity makes storing food easy while its lockable door keeps items in place.

The Techomey 12v/110v mini-fridge is what you need if space efficiency or mobility are priorities for you.

The appliance can be installed as a countertop, under-counter, and freestanding model with your desired features.

Its LED lighting gives the cooling area an ambient glow that will surely melt your heart. The Techomey mini fridge is the perfect addition for any outdoorsman.

It locks and can hold up to 12 cans of soda, as well as a variety of snacks due to its size!

This little guy runs on only 90 watts which makes it an eco-friendly option that also saves you money in electricity costs over time.

Plus with its super-efficient temperature range from 37 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up 53 degrees Fahrenheit(3 Celsius -12 Celcius), this refrigerator will be able to store everything from your morning coffee or water bottles to ice cream (or maybe even some leftovers).

  • Easy to Use
  • Energy Saving Refrigerator
  • Pollution Free
  • Silent Operation
  • Screw Holes covered with Insulated Material


6. Cooluli 15L Mini Fridge – Budget Friendly

The Cooluli Infinity 15-liter thermoelectric cooler/warmer mini fridge is the perfect size for on-the-go storage.

It can keep food and drinks cold, or warm up a meal in minutes. The sleek design makes it easy to carry with you wherever your adventures may take you.

Imagine never worrying about leaving behind some of that precious cargo again when packing light – just pack this lightweight yet sturdy little device into any backpack, suitcase, or even handbag so there’s always room left over for more memories.

Cooluli 15L Mini Fridge is sleek and can be used anywhere in your home. With a glass front, it’s the perfect fridge for any occasion from road trips to tailgate parties.

This mini refrigerator comes with two shelves which are adjustable so you can store large or tall items without them taking up more than their fair share of space.

The freezer on this unit has an ice tray that catches water when making cubes – no mess, just convenient iced drinks whenever you want one.

  • Convenient
  • Lightweight
  • Quickly Switch from Cooling to Warming
  • Stylish Design
  • Condensation


7. Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

The Dual Zone Compact Fridge is a great way to take your favorite snacks on the go. It’s also perfect for storing food or drinks that need refrigeration in an adventure!

The fridge has two compartments, one of which can be set up at temperatures below freezing to hold ice cream and other frozen items while the rest of it can store fresh produce.

With this 2-in-1 appliance, you’ll always have what you want when traveling. It is a great accessory for homes and offices that are always on the go.

The portable refrigerator features two separate zones with independent temperature controls to meet different needs from cooling food or keeping drinks at their desired temperatures, providing an ideal option if you’re looking for versatility in your kitchen appliances!

With ECO energy-saving mode and Max fast cooling modes which can help conserve power while also getting items cooled off quickly – it’s no wonder this fridge has been one of our top sellers over the years thanks to its practicality as well affordability; get yours today before they sell out.

Enjoy the convenience of a refrigerator wherever you go with this portable fridge.

This dual-zone model has two power cables that can be used simultaneously to serve different purposes, such as powering from your vehicle’s battery or plugging into an outlet at home and switching seamlessly when necessary without compromising temperature settings in either location thanks to its Intelligent Memory function.

  • Rapid Cooling
  • Large Capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • 3 Stage Battery Protection System
  • Thin Metal Body


8. Tempest BCD-52 Car Refrigerator

This car refrigerator is perfect for those who live a fast-paced life where they want to be able to have their drinks and healthy snacks on hand at all times. With its compact size, this will fit in any vehicle or home with ease.

The Tempest BCD-52 car freezer is the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to take their food on a long trip.

It’s insulated with Styrofoam and will keep your pack of ice cream from melting even in high heat thanks to its five-star rating, up 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tempest offers you complete peace of mind when transporting groceries, frozen foods, or anything that needs refrigerating so they stay fresh at all times during any weather condition.

With this Car Freezer, you can achieve 30 minutes of fast cooling from 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You also have Options for ECO mode and MAX Mode which will suit your needs!

In a world where there are many car freezers on the market today, this one has some really impressive features that set it apart.

When using its compressor technology with energy-saving options or when needing something fast cooled off in thirty minutes flat they’ve got what you need here at Tempest.

  • Fast cooling
  • Battery Protection
  • Shockproof Design
  • Large Capacity
  • Slightly Heavier


9. Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Refrigerator

The Dometic CFX3 75DZ Portable Refrigerator is a heavy-duty yet lightweight fridge that can go anywhere with you.

It features ExoFrame construction to protect the edges and aluminum alloy handles for easy carrying.

This portable fridge has a powerful VMSO3 compressor cooling technology that can efficiently cool and freeze your food to –7 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also includes 3-way airflow for maximum convenience, as well as the easy-to-read digital display which provides you with an overview of current settings including temperature inside the freezer or refrigerator section, time in hours (24hr), day of the week, date, and whether it is set on Fahrenheit/Celsius.

This product runs off 12V DC power so there’s no need for any extension cords. This is the perfect addition to your outdoor adventures.

It features a petite size that still offers plenty of space for food and drink, making it easy to pack up in backpacks or totes when you are on the go.

Easy touch buttons make controlling this device seamless while its high-resolution color display makes monitoring performance super simple too.

The best part? This fridge can be controlled via WiFi with compatible devices so if someone forgot their ice packs at home no worries because they’ll always have cold drinks available thanks to this smart design feature.

  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Wirelessly Controlled
  • Low Noise
  • Lightly Heavier


10. Chefman Mini Portable Personal Fridge

The Chefman mini-fridge is perfect for personal spaces, travel, offices, dorms, road trips, and more!

Its small size makes it convenient to store snacks or drinks in the office. Use this fridge on a trip so you don’t have to worry about what type of food will be available near your destination.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of how much milk baby bottles are getting while traveling with them then this little guy has got your back too.

The Chefman mini-fridge will keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature, so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling or getting too cold.

With a flick of the switch on each side of this fridge’s door, set it as either cool for storing food that is already chilled or warm if what needs to be stored in there has been heated up first!

Just remember not to plug anything into its power source until after changing which setting you want–otherwise, things could get messy.

This mini-fridge is the perfect size for a dorm or studio apartment. With four liters of space, it can fit six 12 oz cans and still have room to store fruits, yogurts, juices, and other small items like cheese sticks.

The fridge also has an interior shelf that you can remove if needed so you’ll never lose anything behind all those bottles.

  • Cooling and Warming
  • Compact Size
  • Portability
  • Too Small


Which Features To Consider While Buying Best 12V Fridge For Campervan?

Following these 10 points might help you pick the best 12v fridge for a campervan.

1. Voltage input

You wouldn’t want a 12v fridge which would require any other voltage than 12V as it might not work on your campervan (for example, you go to the US and plug everything into 110V).

So look for one that is compatible with 12 Volts. 6 – 24 Volt is a common 12v fridge voltage input range. The bigger the number, the better.

2. Max power consumption

Look at the wattage and at least go for one that is 1500-3000 Watt as it would quickly freeze a few liters of water (or however much you can fit into your fridge).

The more watts – the faster it will cool.

3. Max cooling temperature

Most 12V fridges have around -18C max cooling temperature (or colder) but you also get some special ones for your freezer with a much lower temperature.

I want to keep it as cold as possible and that is why I’m gonna buy the lowest I can find.

4. Power consumption

You want to maintain a 12V fridge as efficiently as possible.

So look at the average power consumption (i.e., how many hours it can run per day and still keep inside temperature below freezing).

5. Max ambient heating

Ambient heating is what happens when you resting your van outside or in an air-conditioned room.

If your 12v fridge cannot handle it, you’ll end up with warm water inside of it.

6. Solar recharge

If you are planning to drive around and camp for few days without plugging the motorhome or campervan in, a solar panel charger would be an excellent addition to your 12v fridge.

7. Weight

You want your 12v fridge to be as light as possible if you are planning to carry it around with you by yourself (unlike me, I’ll probably just have my wife lift it for me).

8. Noise level

Most of the 12V fridges are not all that noisy. But some are pretty noisy.

If you’re planning to install it somewhere inside of your van, you want to be sure that the fridge isn’t too loud.

9. Construction

You want a well-built 12v fridge with solid doors and strong hinges for a few years of usage.

10. Price

How much do you want to pay?


There are many options when it comes to picking a refrigerator that is appropriate for your vehicle.

We’ve compiled the best ones available in the market, so you can get started narrowing down your search.

A campervan can be a great way to see the world while on vacation. It is important, though, that you have all of your resources readily available and in good condition.

That includes food and drink! The best 12v fridge for a camper van will depend on what kind of camping experience one wants when they are out there at large for days or weeks without coming back home anytime soon.

However, after analyzing multiple fridges we recommend Dometic CFX 3 Portable Fridge Freezer as it has been found to give users both high energy efficiency levels along with storage capacity which makes this product suitable no matter how long someone might go before returning from their trip around the countryside or even across an ocean somewhere else entirely if desired.

For those of you looking for a 12v bridge on a budget, we highly recommend opting for a bit smaller and economical Cooluli 15L Mini Fridge, which is not only light in weight but also a light on the pocket.

Keep your food cold while not hurting your bank account too much.

After reading this blog post, you should be able to find the best 12v Fridge for Campervan and not worry about spending hours searching through aisles of fridges in your local grocery store or on the internet surfing for long hours.

We hope you enjoyed our list of top-rated and affordable refrigerators that work well with camper vans.


Q: How do I convert my existing campervan fridge to a 12v appliance?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how can I convert my 110/220 volt RV fridge to work on DC? Well, it’s pretty simple!

All you need is an inverter and a 12v DC heating element.

There are 2 different inverters we have used here at the office, both work equally as well.

You need to install your inverter into a standard double socket. This allows you to plug in your fridge anywhere.

Q: What’s the difference between an icebox and a 12V fridge?

An icebox has no thermostat or compressor, it just uses cold packs or ice cubes to keep things cool.

A 12V fridge most certainly has a thermostat and a compressor. It will be able to keep your food cold regardless of whether or not there’s ice available.

A few other key differences include noise levels, energy consumption, the ability to store perishables (as opposed to just chilled things), space availability in the campervan, etc. We’ll also get into those later on.

Q: So why would I want a 12V fridge?

Two main reasons – convenience and energy efficiency.

An electric fridge is far more convenient than an icebox because it can operate at any temperature you like, as opposed to needing to be kept somewhere really cold (like in the cooler part of the van).

Also, it’s more energy efficient. They’re both equally energy efficient at their respective tasks, but a 12V fridge can do so much more than an icebox.

Q: How big is the best 12v fridge for my van?

That depends on how much room you have and what you plan to store in it!

A good rule of thumb is to allow the fridge about 24 inches height in the back of your vehicle and 18″ width.

Q: How do I power my 12v fridge?

Most come with a cigarette lighter plug fitted, which you can connect directly into a socket inside your van.

The main exception to this being those models specially designed for boats, which usually have an external plug socket.

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