Best 12V Soft Wash Pumps

When you need to wash your car, boat, or RV, you need a reliable and strong pump to get the job done right. The soft Wash Pump is perfect for those who need a little extra power to get the job done quickly and easily. This pump is designed to work with any standard hose and comes with a built-in soap dispenser so you can get the perfect wash every time.

So if you are looking for a reliable and powerful soft wash pump for your pressure washing needs? Look no further than the 12V Soft Wash Pump! 

Because of its durable construction and powerful motor, the 12V Soft Wash Pump is sure to give you the results you need.

Comparison Table:

ProductsSelf-prime up toMaterialSpecial Feature
Everflo Soft Wash (Bleach) 12V 12 feetPolypropyleneFeatures quick attach ports for quick plumbing connections
Everflo EF5500-BOX 5.5GPM 12V 4 FeetPolypropyleneAutomatic shut off when no flow is required, saves battery life
NorthStar NSQ Series 12V On-Demand Sprayer 12 feetVitonStandard mounting pattern
Delavan 5850-201E-SB Diaphragm 12V Pump 14 feetPolypropylene, Stainless SteelLiquid Temperature: 140° F Max
ClassAcustoms RV Water Pump6 feetPolypropyleneThermal Overload Protection
Precitrade Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump12 feetMetal(1-Way Operation) Prevents Reverse Flow
Remco 5.3 GPM, 12 VDC Demand Pump14 feetPolypropyleneTemperature should not exceed 180°F (82°C)

Best 12v Soft Wash Pumps – Our Top 7 Picks!

We have selected our top 7 best 12v soft wash pumps, let’s take a quick look at their features and reviews!

1. Everflo Soft Wash (Bleach) 12V Diaphragm Replacement Pump 

Key Specifications:

Power SourceBattery Powered
Handle up to5.5GPM
Item Weight1.57 pounds
Maximum Flow Rate5 Gallons Per Minute

Our Review:

Everflo Soft Wash Pump has some really useful features, including the exclusive Motor Shield, which prevents leaks and protects the motor from water while you’re using it. It also has a self-prime feature that lets you run for as long as you want without having to use a battery.

This is the first soft wash pump that can be installed on any outdoor surface. With this system, you can clean your pool, patio, sidewalk, driveway, carport, deck, pool table, outdoor furniture, walls, siding, etc. with powerful, high-quality water. All you have to do is attach the mounting bracket to whatever surface you’d like to use the pump on.

Furthermore, the Everflo Soft Wash Pump is easy to install and maintain. The polypropylene pump manifold is included as a standard feature. The Everflo Soft Wash Pump is also versatile because you can use it for multiple applications.

You can install this pump head in a vertical or horizontal position and the self-priming feature allows you to start washing with little to no suction. It also comes with a five-screw pump manifold and polypropylene filter cartridge for a simple, effective installation.

As it requires very little maintenance and costs very little to operate, this is a great product for people that want to save money on their water bills.

  • Motor Shield protects motors against leaks and saves you money.
  • Self-prime up to 12 feet while remaining damage-free even when running dry.
  • An easy-to-install five-screw mounting system and polypropylene pump manifold are included as standard features.
  • It can be used on any outdoor surface like rooftops, sidings, sidewalks, etc., as a replacement pump head cartridge for soft wash applications.
  • It doesn’t have an inlet shut-off valve to prevent water from draining back into the tank.

2. Everflo EF5500-BOX 5.5GPM 12V Diaphragm Pump

Everflo EF5500-BOX 5.5GPM 12V Diaphragm Pump

Key Specifications:

Power SourceManual
Handle up to5. 5GPM & 60 psi
Item Weight6 Pounds
Maximum Flow Rate6 Gallons Per Minute

Our Review:

Everflo Soft Wash Pump is a manual water pump for indoor/outdoor washing applications. This compact and portable water pump can handle any household washing needs without causing any damage to the system.

This pump saves energy while conserving water by automatically shutting off when not in use. Its shape makes it easy to maneuver around a kitchen or bathroom countertop. It also features a simple push-button control that allows the user to easily start and stop the water.

Soft-wash technology prevents harsh cleaning chemicals from damaging the pump, its housing, or the valves. The diaphragm pump uses air rather than water to power it, which allows for more accurate pressure regulation.

Its housing and the valve plate are made of polypropylene which adds to its durability and it will never crack or fade. Because the polypropylene material is resistant to cracking, breaking, and fading. It is also resistant to corrosion, which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Moreover, this pump is a 12V soft wash pump for outdoor use. It can be installed on a variety of tank sizes, and it has a standard mounting pattern to fit most sprayer tanks.

Furthermore, the pump has a diaphragm pump that allows you to save a lot of energy during operation by eliminating the need to use high pressure. Therefore, it is also known as a silent wash pump.

This pump can be used to deliver your favorite water solution to plants and gardens. It will not cause a loud noise that can scare away birds and other animals.

So, whether you’re just trying to get your hands on a new water pump or you’re in need of a replacement, look no further than the Everflo Soft Wash Pump.

  • Pump housing and valve plate made of polypropylene for increased durability.
  • Save battery life by automatically shutting off when not in use.
  • Clean black mold, algae, lichen, and mildew from outdoor surfaces.
  • Work smarter, not longer, for a quieter, more efficient operation.
  • Marine duty is not the purpose of this pump.

3. NorthStar NSQ Series 12V On-Demand Sprayer Diaphragm Pump

NorthStar NSQ Series 12V On-Demand Sprayer Diaphragm Pump

Key Specifications:

Power SourceBattery Powered
Handle up to7 GPM
Item Weight9.5 Pounds
Maximum Flow Rate7 Gallons Per Minute

Our Review:

The NorthStar NSQ comes with special diaphragm technology that reduces wear and tear on the motor and switch. With this pump, you can quickly and effectively clean even the toughest jobs.

A unique valve design allows water to flow smoothly into the pump, providing superior spraying performance. It has an automatic shut-off feature that ensures the highest and longest-lasting performance of the pump.

In addition, the pump will stop pumping water if there is no flow or pressure for a few seconds. So, this pump will help you save some battery energy and extend the life of your pump.

The DXS-3 valves feature chemical-resistant Viton material and are designed to improve flow rate and spray pattern. The Viton material is stronger than rubber and is resistant to damage caused by harsh chemicals.

With a continuous flow rate of up to 7 gallons per minute (GPM), you can accomplish the most challenging cleaning jobs quickly. It is suitable for different cleaning tasks including glass, tile, wood, and even metal surfaces. 

This pump has been designed with all the latest in technology and materials to produce an ideal pump for all types of applications. It is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is designed to run on all types of chemicals.

I’ve been using it on water containing ammonia for a long time, but it is still working well after three months. It does not leak, and its spray pattern is excellent. I would definitely recommend this pump to anyone who is looking for a reliable and powerful pump for a wide range of applications.

We can say that it is one of the most efficient soft wash pumps available for homeowners and gardeners because of its suitable voltage, high power, and long service life.

  • Conserves battery power by automatically turning off when no flow is required.
  • As well as our unique pressure switch, it is designed to reduce the wear on the motor and switch by slowly cycling the pump.
  • Innovative smooth valve design for faster priming and longer life.
  • A superior spot or broadcast spraying performance is achieved with the NorthStar NSQ Series 12V On-Demand Sprayer Diaphragm Pump.
  • The pump cannot be used with sodium hypochlorite.

4. Delavan 5850-201E-SB Diaphragm 12V Pump 

Delavan 5850-201E-SB Diaphragm 12V Pump 

Key Specifications:

Power SourceBattery Powered
Handle up to5.0 GPM
Item Weight‎6.42 pounds
Maximum Flow Rate5 Gallons Per Minute

Our Review:

Delavan Diaphragm Pump is a 12v soft wash pump. It is designed to deliver constant pressure to water for soft washing. It is battery-powered, and it comes with an electronic controller. The flow rate of the Diaphragm Pump is 5 gallons per minute.

It is capable of delivering constant pressure to water for soft washing, unlike other conventional pumps. The electronic controller ensures that the pump only runs when liquid is needed.

The materials used for the pump are polypropylene and stainless steel, which are durable. The electronic controller helps conserve energy so that it can last longer, and there is no need to replace batteries frequently.

You can use this product in any household to clean various surfaces such as showers, sinks, basins, toilets, tubs, and many more. The flow rate of this pump is incredible and you can operate it for a long time before needing to recharge.

This water pump can be operated by 12 volts of electricity, and it has 5-chamber positive displacement technology. These features make the Delavan Diaphragm Pump very efficient.

One thing I noticed is that the Delavan Diaphragm Pump is not the most stylish-looking water pump, but it will provide an adequate level of performance. The electronic controller helps reduce noise, and you don’t have to worry about the pump malfunctioning because it has several safety features built-in.

  • It has a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, which is relatively fast.
  • The materials it is made out of (polypropylene and stainless steel) are durable.
  • Energy is conserved since it only operates when liquid flow is needed.
  • Despite its durability, it can still run dry.
  • No adjustment on the pump is available.

5. ClassAcustoms RV Water Pump

classAcustoms RV Water Pump

Key Specifications:

Power SourceDc Motor
Handle up to3.0 GPM
Item Weight‎5 pounds
Maximum Flow Rate‎3 Gallons Per Minute

Our Review:

The classAcustoms RV Water Pump is an excellent 12-volt DC-powered wash pump that can also work with 110/120 volt AC power. This versatile pump can be used to clean cars, trucks, boats, and more.

It’s perfect for those who need a pump for their RV, food truck, concession trailer, or camper. This pump has a 3 gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate which is enough to wash vehicles that range from 15 to 20 feet long.

The pump runs for 10 minutes once it is turned on and then automatically shuts off after it reaches full pressure. It’s just right for washing those dirty items that are difficult to clean with a garden hose.

Furthermore, the pump works until the valve is closed and shuts off once the line reaches the desired pressure. This is very convenient and saves you time and energy so that you can spend it doing other things. 

There are plenty of features that you will love about this pump, including the fact that it has a debris strainer and quick-connect fittings included. 

We found this unit to be extremely durable and easy to install. Its rugged stainless steel construction will last longer than most units we tested and should provide many years of service. We tested this pump with a 5/8-inch NPT male quick-connect fitting and found it to be secure.

  • The pump will run until the faucet/valve is closed and then it will shut off when the line reaches full pressure.
  • Suitable for RVs, food trucks, concession trailers, campers, motor homes, and mobile car washes.
  • Can be powered by a 12-volt DC power source or 110/120 volt AC.
  • Debris strainer and quick connect fittings included for installation and cleaning.
  • A house plug outlet will ruin the pump and this will NOT be covered by warranty.

6. Precitrade Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

Precitrade Shurflo 2088-554-144 Fresh Water Pump

Key Specifications:

Power SourceBattery Powered
Handle up to3.5GPM
Item Weight4.79 Pounds
Maximum Flow Rate‎4 Gallons Per Minute

Our Review:

The Precitrade Shurflo Water Pump is a portable 12V soft wash pump. It is made of metal which makes it a sturdy piece of equipment. 

Pumps like this one can deliver 45 PSI and 3.5 gallons per minute. So that is enough to clean all kinds of hard water and even dirty laundry.

This pump is battery powered so it won’t require any external power supply. It has 3 chambers which means that it is able to reach low-pressure levels and handle tough conditions.

With this Precitrade Shurflo Water Pump, you will have a lot of conveniences. This unit is very easy to install because it has no moving parts. This is why you will be able to use it without any issues. 

Precitrade Shurflo Water Pump is a great product with amazing features and I would highly recommend it to my readers. As it is great for use in RVs, boats, and other applications where a reliable water pump is needed.

Moreover, it Prevents Reverse Flow through one-way operation so that you can prevent your water system from being damaged by unwanted backflow. 


  • Made with metal for durability so you don’t have to worry about breaking it.
  • Battery-powered for portability, so you won’t be stuck with a cord hanging out of your window.
  • Positive displacement 3 chamber diaphragm pump for high performance.
  • Thermally protected to prevent overheating with a high flow rate and extended life.
  • 45 Psi for consistent pressure so your water doesn’t splash out.


  • More expensive than plastic models.

7. Remco 5.3 GPM, 12 VDC Demand Pump

Key Specifications:

Power SourceBattery Powered
Handle up to4.0GPM
Item Weight8 Pounds
Maximum Flow Rate‎3 Gallons Per Minute

Our Review:

The Remco Demand Pump comes with many features, made with polypropylene material, capable of working at temperatures as low as 60°C.

It also has an internal filter system, with 5 chambers that are able to hold 5.3 gallons per hour. So that means you can get more work done in less time.

As a self-priming pump, this product is quite useful. It will only take a few moments to get it primed, and after that, you will never have to worry about priming the pump again.

The Remco Pump can be operated in both bypass and demand modes, but this pump was designed to work in demand mode.

The polypropylene pump body is extremely durable and will last for a long time. It is easy to assemble and includes all the necessary parts and cables to get started pumping in no time.

This pump has a 12VDC motor with a permanent magnet rotor designed to run smoothly and quietly without causing exhaust. Hence, you don’t need to worry about noise when pumping.

One thing we like most is that it can be run dry so that you can pump without having any leaks. This pump comes with an ergonomic design that allows the user to have a comfortable position while pumping.


  • A diaphragm pump with 5 chambers for enhanced efficiency.
  • 8 lbs (3.62 kg) Motor Type 12 VDC permanent magnet, totally enclosed, non-ventilated leads.
  • Polypropylene NylonValves with connectors and power cords are also available.
  • Made of durable Polypropylene material.


  • May not be suitable for all liquids.

Pro Tips When Buying the Best 12v Soft Wash Pump:

When we look  for the best 12 v soft wash pump, we must take into account many factors, let us discuss them briefly:


The pump should produce an adequate pressure that will be sufficient for the operation. To find out if the pressure is enough for your washing machine, it is recommended that you test it at a lower setting. This way, you will know if the pump is producing the amount of pressure required to wash properly. Mostly 12 volt wash pimp requires a pressure of 40- 45 psi to operate properly. You can check it by putting a pressure gauge on your water supply.

Flow Rate

This is the speed of the liquid flow from the pump to the washer. The ideal flow rate is 3.5 gallons per minute for most machines, but this may depend on the size of the washer. In the case of the 12V washer pump, you should choose the one that offers a flow rate of at least 4.5 gallons per minute. You can measure this by placing a flow meter over the drain of the sink and then running the faucet. This will tell you how fast the pump is flowing.


The number of wash chambers. Normally 5 or 6 will be sufficient for most 12 V washers. This number should be chosen depending on the size of the machine. Some washers have 8 or more wash chambers, so you can find this information in the manual. 

Noise level

We would like to find the 12 v soft wash pump that will not make a loud noise. It’s better to buy one that won’t make any noise because we don’t want to disturb our neighbors while pumping.


In conclusion, if you want to get the most out of your soft wash pump, you should try to use it at the highest possible pressure and flow rate. The 12V soft wash pump is one of the most widely used pumps on the market today. Therefore, we did research and reviewed the 7 best soft wash pumps so that you don’t have to waste money buying a bad product.

All the pumps we discussed above are top-notch, we recommend Everflo Soft Wash (Bleach) 12V Diaphragm Replacement Pump because of its low cost and high quality. It is battery Powered,  has a Replacement pump head (cartridge), and a Bolt-on design to minimize downtime.

Thank you for reading our article! We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to follow along with us by providing everything you need to know about the Best 12v Soft Wash Pump in one place. We hope you’ll enjoy our list of top picks. We’re always open to feedback so please do feel free to contact us in the comment section below.


I’ve heard that the soft wash pumps are noisy. Is it true?

Yes, 12 v soft wash pumps can be quite noisy. However, there are also many other factors that can contribute to noise levels, so it is difficult to say definitively. Some 12 v soft wash pumps may be quieter than others, depending on the design and construction.

What are the benefits of using a 12v Soft Wash Pump?

The 12v Soft Wash Pump is a highly efficient way to pump water to your soft wash system. It is also very easy to set up and use. Moreover, it can be used with all types of soft wash systems.

How does the 12v Soft Wash Pump work?

The 12v Soft Wash Pump works by pressurizing water from a garden hose or other water source and then delivering it to your soft wash system at a consistent flow rate.

Does a 12-volt wash pump provide enough pressure?

Yes! Your soft wash system needs to have approximately 25 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure to perform optimally. This pressure can be achieved by using a 12v Soft Wash Pump.

How much water can the 12v Soft Wash Pump process?

The 12v Soft Wash Pump can process up to six gallons per minute. So that means you can wash up to 300 square feet in an hour. 

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