Best Turbos for 12V Cummins | Reviews + Guide

The Best turbo for 12V Cummins is a custom-built unit that has been quite popular over the last few years in Powerstrokes, Duramax, and Cummins engines.

It offers huge horsepower gains without requiring complete engine rebuilds or major internal modifications.

The Best turbo is usually built with uprated bearings, oil and water sealing, ball-bearing center section precision machined to exact tole. One of the most important components of a diesel engine is the turbo.

It’s responsible for accelerating the burned gases exiting through the exhaust system, propelling it through turbine blades which generate torque to drive the engine.

On cars, its function is much different – it helps maintain sufficient pressure in the intake manifold to optimize engine performance. Thus, it is also called an exhaust-driven turbocharger or simply a turbocharger.

A lot of diesel truck enthusiasts are clamoring for the best turbo for 12V Cummins engines. The reason is that they want to improve both power and fuel efficiency while still producing clean emissions.

Best Turbos for 12V Cummins – Our Top 6 Picks!

A reliable aftermarket turbo manufacturer would inevitably manufacture a unit that meets the standards of Cummins-certified vehicles.

A comprehensive and detailed review has been done on the Best turbos for 12V Cummins and we have selected the top 6 picks. The detailed description of each of the picks is mentioned below:

1. New StiganTurbocharger

Introducing the New Stigan Turbocharger, this revolutionary device will give your Ram diesel an instant boost in power and efficiency.

Its clean-burning design reduces emissions by up to 20%, while still providing that strong, throaty roar that is expected from such vehicles.

If you have a Ram 1500 with the 5.9L Cummins diesel engine, then this is an excellent upgrade for your vehicle. This Best Turbo for 12v Cummins with Actuator will provide more power and better fuel economy than ever before.

It also provides a 1.8MPH increase in acceleration time from 0-30mph, an 11% decrease in total fuel consumption, and 12 miles per gallon on average.

The best part? You don’t need any tools or modifications as it installs right out the box with your current system.

A two-year, unlimited mileage warranty means that if your turbo breaks within the first year of use and isn’t fixed by another mechanic or through normal wear out then it will be replaced for free.

This ensures no matter how many miles you put on a replacement part; they’re guaranteed exact fit so installation is just as easy.

This is the best deal on a new engine for your car. This turbo is a top-quality product that will not let you down.

The design ensures maximum durability while also providing an unbeatable performance that nobody can beat at such competitive prices, so get yours today before they’re gone.

This new turbo comes with a brand-new pre-calibrated electronic wastegate actuator. This makes it an excellent choice for racers who are looking to maximize their power on the track and save money in fuel costs at the same time.

However, this turbo requires a change of oil feed line from your DPF kit, otherwise, it can lead to issues with performance and efficiency.

  • Instant Boost in Power and Efficiency
  • Reduces Emissions by up to 20%
  • 8MPH Increase in Acceleration Time from 0-30MPH
  • An 11% Decrease in Total Fuel Consumption
  • 12 Miles Per Gallon on Average
  • Electronic Wastegate Actuator

  • Change of oil feed line highly recommended


2. Diesel Power Source S480

The Diesel Power Source S480 Twin Turbo Kit for 1998-2002 DODGE Cummins engines is a high-performance upgrade kit that brings out every horsepower of your truck with the help of its factory turbochargers and upgraded internals.

This Special Turbo for 12v Cummins comes equipped up with a 64mm wastegate huffer so you can enjoy serious power everywhere on this duty cycle but especially at higher RPMs where we know most people drive their trucks.

This new turbo is the ultimate solution for those looking to upgrade their trucks. It comes with a direct bolt-on application and does not require any cutting or fabrication which will save you time.

This turbo has a High Flow 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold included in the kit and comes with everything you need to get an aggressive exhaust tone.

The 2-liter high flow intake manifold is made from stainless steel for durability, while the 4” downpipe muffler provides excellent sound dampening properties that can be installed easily without any modifications required on your vehicle or engine bay.

This DPS Turbo is a great choice for large turbocharger applications, as it can provide up to 4psi of boost. The S480 Borg Warner will work in conjunction with any factory exhaust system without modifications or damage from heat-related concerns like other turbos on the market today do.

The small size and lightweight make this high flow unit perfect when you need power at low RPMs while still having plenty left over after driving your car hard around town.

This turbo is the ultimate in power and performance. It’s easy to install, it will give you a boost that offers an unparalleled driving experience with adjustable pressure settings for any terrain or road condition.

However, this turbo is made for 1998-2002 DODGE CUMMINS trucks that have been modified to use the stock turbocharger boost limiters and aren’t compatible with any other vehicles besides these two models.

  • 64mm Wastegate Huffer
  • Direct Bolt-On Application
  • High Flow 3-Piece Exhaust Manifold
  • Up to 4psi of Boost
  • Easy to Install
  • Only compatible with two models


3. HX35W Turbo Charger

The HX35W Turbo Charger is a high-performance diesel charger for Cummins 5.9L Diesel engines that will improve your truck’s performance and increase its lifespan up to 25%.

The Best Turbo for 12v Cumminsproduces less lag in response times, which gives you more control over when it starts or stops spinning due to various operating conditions like load changes and idling timeouts between accelerating gears at red lights (among other things).

With this added responsiveness the engine can produce higher power levels than ever before without having any negative impact on fuel efficiency.

Looking for a new turbocharger? Then look no further than this. This Turbo Charger will give your truck the boost it needs to take off from 0-60MPH in less than 8 seconds, all while staying clean and efficient with an electric or gas engine.

If you have a 1996-1998 Dodge Ram 1500, this is the product for your truck. This will give more power and fuel efficiency while giving off fewer emissions in an environment where these things are important.

The first thing you’ll want to know about this charger is it comes in both manual transmission and automatic flavors, so don’t worry if your vehicle doesn’t sport an auto-box.

It also replaces the factory unit from 215 HP up until 400+ HP with a lot more torque than before. Equipped internally with wastegate technology which means there are no hiccups during spooling but rather instant response time as soon as boost reaches maximum RPMs making for smoother launches off corners or high G turns without wheel spin.

All thanks to the patented BBA adaptive programmable flat camshaft timing system (BPT) implementation.

However, the turbo had no installation instructions included which is quite surprising especially for first-time buyers. It hurt product purchasing clients.

  • Increases Lifespan of your Vehicle up to 25%
  • Less Lag in Response Times
  • More Power and Fuel Efficiency
  • Fewer Emissions in Environment
  • Equipped Internally with Wastegate Technology
  • Installation manual not included


4. New Stigan HX35WTurbocharger

The New Stigan HX35W Turbocharger gives you a powerful, yet fuel-efficient engine with its manual transmission. This high-quality product features a 12v electric motor control system for easy installation on any vehicle.

It instantly removes all your worries about trucks being difficult to work on because everything is made as straightforward as possible.

This is perfect for anyone looking to take their Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L 12v Diesel 1996, 1997, or 1998 manual trans into the next level of performance.

It will work with any engine type, and it comes backed by a 2-year warranty as well. What more could you ask?

This new turbo on your truck may be smaller than you think as this high-performance upgrade will give it more power and torque with better efficiency.

It also comes up to date with safety features such as a boost control that prevents accidental fuel line ruptures in case something gets caught under one of the wheels during acceleration or braking etc.

If you’ve got an old, leaky turbocharger that needs to be replaced or repaired before it wears out completely then this is the right product for your automobile.

All parts are guaranteed exact fit, so installation should not require any modifications at all. Designed and manufactured by professional technicians, take great care in testing these units both performance-wise as well as durability-oriented.

The ultimate in horsepower and torque, this high-performance AutoTech turbocharger gets the car’s perfect gas mileage on the road. It’s CARB-approved for a clean car/truck with 50 state emissions laws.

However, this is a one-of-a-kind turbocharger that has been specifically designed for trucks equipped with manual transmissions. It will not work in automatic vehicles, so if you have an auto-transmission vehicle make sure to look elsewhere.

  • Fuel-Efficient Engine
  • More Power and Torque
  • Prevents Accidental Fuel Line Ruptures
  • Parts are Guaranteed Exact Fit
  • Perfect Gas Mileage
  • Designed for trucks equipped with manual transmissions


5. Blackhorse-Racing Diesel Turbocharger

The Blackhorse-Racing Diesel Turbocharger HX35 is a powerful, high-performance device that will make your Cummins engines run faster and smoother.

It features an internal wastegate turbine to deliver the right amount of air for optimal power output without overworking or damaging engine components like other turbos do.

This Turbo for 12v Cummins has been designed specifically with late-model trucks in mind but can also be used on older models as well.

A great option if you’re looking for something affordable yet still effective. You’ll have power at every turn without compromising durability or efficiency in either oiling systems or internal plumbing.

This means there will be less maintenance down the line too because all parts are built compatible, so no tune-up sessions are needed.

This Turbo Model is the ultimate performance upgrade for your classic truck. The HX35W features a large 4-inches exhaust outlet and inlet system to avoid common muffler problems with other aftermarket upgrades.

It also has a standard T3 flange, so this new turbo will work on most 1999-2002 Ram 1500 models equipped with an automatic transmission (except the 2001 base Extended Cab Pickup 2 Door).

For those who want even more power without spending too much money get this turbo which can reach up over 270HP.

Thanks to its lightweight design while still maintaining high efficiency at low boost levels – perfect when you need an affordable model that’s fuel-efficient as well.

This turbocharger is a great invention that significantly increases engine power and torque. The increased pressure in the combustion chamber not only creates more horsepower but sustained performance throughout all gears, providing optimal performance.

However, the wastegate actuator is a major cause of issue for this turbocharger. This problem can lead to an over-boost situation, which damages the engine and even causes its destruction if not fixed quickly.

  • Internal Wastegate Turbine
  • Less Maintenance Required
  • Large 4″ Exhaust Outlet and Inlet System
  • Lightweight Design
  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Wastegate actuator chokes up


6. Maxpeedingrods New GT35 Turbo Charger

The Maxpeedingrods New GT35Turbo Charger is a high-power solution perfect for your next project. Its universal design fits many different engine types and capacities, making it easy to install with no customizing necessary.

With 600 horsepower at the crank, you’ll be able to race against all comers in no time; plus, its water/oil-cooled system helps keep things cool during those long races as well.

And don’t forget about these guys being AR70/63 certified so they can withstand even more abuse than most turbos on today’s market–and still provide power when needed most.

This Unique Turbo for 12v Cummins is perfect if you want to upgrade or replace your old unit as it will help increase power output without sacrificing efficiency while reducing lag time when accelerating out of turns due in part to its designed water-cooling system.

This system keeps engine temperatures low during periods where peak performance may not be needed most like high rpm situations; this also ensures longevity throughout use so there are no issues down the line.

It comes in many different sizes with bigger capacities than its smaller counterparts so it can be used on larger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs without sacrificing efficiency.

The exhaust and downpipe flanges of the car are both designed to be fitted with this GT35 Turbo Manifold. The 4-bolt Exhaust Flange is perfect for installing an external wastegate, or if you want better gas mileage then it also works well when combined with the output internal wastegate system.

However, since the turbocharger is a vital component of your engine, and if you don’t have the right equipment to maintain it or remove any dirt from its inner workings then chances are high that problems will arise. Professional installation is recommended for best results.

  • Universal Design
  • Water/Oil Cooled System
  • AR 70/63 Certified
  • Equipped with 4-Bolt Exhaust Flange
  • Better Gas Mileage
  • Professional installation required


Buying Guide For Best Turbo for 12V Cummins 

Let’s check which are the common turbocharger features that should be considered while looking for the best Turbocharger for Cummins 12V

1. Size Matters

Turbocharger size is essentials as per the displacement capacity of the engine. A bigger size will go well with a high displacement engine and smaller with a low displacement engine.

So, what you need to look for is that the turbo should be matched to your Cummins 12V diesel engine. To find out the most suitable type of turbo, you must know about your Cummins engine.

You can find the model of the Cummins you have from your vehicle documents or an inspection. Also, you can compare it with a turbo’s catalog to get an idea about size-related parameters.

2. Flow Capacity

The next thing is to boost pressure or flow capacity. It varies from brand to brand and depends on the size of the turbo.

3. Exhaust Back Pressure

Another important factor is exhaust backpressure or EBP because this affects the turbo’s lifespan. A high EBP makes it work harder for making boost which results in a low life cycle. Turbocharger with lower EBP doesn’t need to work hard and lasts longer than the one with higher EBP.

4. Full-open valve

Some turbochargers in the market may not provide a fully open valve when running at low speed. It causes problems like surging and stalling when you start your Cummins engine.

It also causes fuel consumption issues when you run on cruise control.

Turbocharger quality is important as it’s going to handle peak power. A good quality turbo will make the output more consistent and smoother, whereas an inferior quality turbo might fail you even at peak power numbers.

5. Material

The most common material used in manufacturing turbocharger is Stainless steel, Chrome Vanadium Steel, etc. are the common ones. Make sure what material your Cummins 12V Turbo is made up of.

6. Muffler

A Turbocharger with a good quality muffler will make the turbo run smoother and produce more power without any power loss in between.

7. Longevity

A turbocharger with a superior design, less stress on compressor housing with minimum heat exposure to bearings will increase the service life of the turbo.

Turbochargers are under extreme heat conditions, so ensure that your Cummins 12V turbocharger has a superior design with less stress on the compressor housing.

8. Easy fit

Few turbochargers are just plugged and play, whereas few require changing oil lines, coolant lines, etc. which may cost you extra money and time to get it done.

So, choose a turbocharger that has an easy fit and doesn’t require any modifications or maybe none at all, to make your Cummins 12V run like new.

The most common issues with turbochargers are oil leakage and water leakages which can result in poor performance of turbochargers.

9. Warranty

Most of the Cummins 12V turbocharger suppliers offer a warranty with their products, which should not be the case as it’s already a good quality product and doesn’t need any guarantee, but if you still see a warranty for your Cummins Turbocharger then check conditions and what does it cover.

10. Price

Price is always matters when it comes to Cummins 12V Turbocharger, you mustn’t end up buying low-quality turbos for high prices.

Generally, all the reliable turbo suppliers like MrTurborbom, Atul Auto offer both good quality and budget-friendly price range products depending on your need.

11. Availability

Availability is an important factor as well, make sure that you are buying the best quality Cummins Turbocharger with the availability of spares and support.


All the above-mentioned turbos are the Best Turbos for 12v Cummins, but if I must recommend one then my top priority will be New Stigan Turbocharger.

It is a high-quality, state-of-the-art aftermarket performance product. Its design and manufacture allow for maximum power with an electronically actuatable wastegate so that you can enjoy great acceleration time while greatly reducing emissions in your vehicle.

It also increases efficiency by as much as 20%. The 11% decrease in fuel consumption means more distance per gallon when compared to stock cars equipped only with their OE Synchronizers.

As a second choice, I will recommend the readers to consider Blackhorse-Racing Diesel Turbocharger. This gadget is quite economical and can be afforded by every class. It is built with large 4″ exhaust outlets and inlet systems that will provide the perfect power for your drag car or track day machine. The lightweight design makes it easy to install, while fuel efficiency keeps costs down.

So, what do you think of this article as the Best Turbos for 12v Cummins? If it assisted in answering any questions or solved the problems while getting started using these awesome turbos, then please provide your comments in the comments section. Thank you.


Q. What is a Turbo?  

A turbocharger is one of the easiest ways to add power to any gas engine (and diesel, in some cases). The turbine wheel at the heart of turbo spins at tens to hundreds of thousands of RPM extracting energy from the hot exhaust gasses and converting it into mechanically useful torque and HP.

The turbine shaft is connected via a series of gears to the compressor wheel, which is responsible for pumping the cooled, dense air back into the engine’s intake system.

Q. What are the most common types of turbos?  

Up until very recently, all turbos were “centrifugal” or “centripetal”. Centrifugal turbos are best for smaller displacement, high RPM engines.

They can flow a lot of air and make big power relatively cheaply and easily. Centripetal types tend to be larger and more durable, as they produce their pressure via a different method. They also produce a bit less power than a centrifugal of the same size/RPMs.

Q. Are there any types of non-centrifugal turbos?  

Mitsubishi has built an “Axial flow” turbine-style turbo for the 6.7L Cummins trucks. It seems to be working quite well, but it’s not that old or common.

Q. Why do you call them turbos and not superchargers?

Superchargers are driven directly off the engine’s crankshaft. This type of system produces all kinds of challenges about the timing of the air entering the intake manifold.

By comparison, turbochargers operate independently of whatever RPMs your engine is turning at any given time.

The compressor wheel simply spins by being driven by the exhaust gasses. As RPMs rise, so do the speeds of those wheels.

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