Can You Die From 12v?

The question of whether or not a person can die from being shocked by 12 volts is quite controversial.

There are some people that believe that one can, however, there are others who believe that it is impossible to do so.

In this article, we will be discussing the main points of both sides and give our own opinion on whether or not someone could actually die from being shocked by 12 volts.

We will also discuss how much voltage would have to be applied in order for death to occur and what kind of circumstances would cause such an event to take place.

When you are working with a 12v power supply, it is important to know the risks. Many people do not realize how dangerous electricity can be and wonder why there is a warning label on the power supply unit.

People need to realize that electricity can kill and it needs to be treated with respect. So, can you die from 12v? The answer to the question is simply, no.

It is not possible to die from 12 volts. A person would have to be exposed to a massive shock of approximately 200 volts in order to suffer from cardiac arrest.

The amount of electricity that is required for this to happen, however, would certainly not come from a 12-volt power supply.

If a person is shocked with 12 volts, it will most likely result in a burn and the possibility of muscle contractions. The victim would not lose his/her life.

How Much Voltage Would a Person Have to Be Shocked with In Order for Death to Occur?

In order for a person to suffer from cardiac arrest from being shocked by electricity, it would have to be a massive voltage of 200 volts.

This could happen if a person came in contact with a strong electric current from the power supply. It is rare that a person would suffer from this kind of a shock since it takes place in an industrial or commercial environment.

In order for a person to be shocked by 12 volts, they would have to come in prolonged contact with the power supply. It would not result in an instantaneous shock, but it could certainly cause burns on the skin.

Are 12 Volts A Lot of Electricity?

Yes, twelve volts is a lot of electricity. It is more than enough to power some small household appliances such as a blender or an electric kettle.

It is also enough to power some small electronics such as a tablet or smartphone, although it will take longer to charge these devices.

If you are wondering can 12v kill a human? the short answer is yes. If you are in contact with 12 volts for an extended period, it can cause anything from a mild tingling sensation to muscle spasms and heart failure. But it is not enough to kill in one single shock.

To kill a human with electricity, you usually need far, far more than 12 volts. It is not something that you usually need to worry about when using household appliances with 12-volt power supplies.

How would a Human Die from Electricity?

There are several ways that a human can die from electricity. The most common cause of death is cardiac arrest.

The electric current interferes with the electrical impulses that are sent by the heart to tell it when to beat. This causes an abnormal heartbeat which can quickly wear out the organ.

Another common cause of death is electrocution, which happens when the electric current disrupts the function of the respiratory system.

It causes paralysis which prevents the brain from receiving oxygen. This would cause someone to suffocate and eventually die.

There are other causes of death which include burns and hypovolemic shock.


Can you die from 12 volts? No, but you can suffer from cardiac arrest if your skin comes in prolonged contact with a 12-volt power supply.

People need to realize that electricity can be dangerous and it needs to be treated with respect.

Treat any power supply with the same caution as a loaded firearm. Be safe!

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